1. Sanjivani Gurukul

Shri Achyutrao Patwardhan took keen interest and was desirous of starting a school based on the ancient Gurukul concept of education, with focus on overall development of students, not restricted to only prescribed curriculum. Unfortunately he could not realize his dream during his lifetime. The idea was still alive with some teachers and members of the Managing Committee who had shared his thoughts and who strongly believed in its merits. Prominently among them was Shri R P Jog, who had worked with the school for over 40 years. After studying the working of Gurukul schools, with a lot of planning and preparations, and preparing a blue-print of the total programme for each standard, the Mandal started Gurukul in 2004-05, covering progressively, 5th to 10th standards. Besides the regular class subjects the students undergo a variety of programmes and experiences in the extended school hours. One can definitely experience a delightfully and distinctly different personality of these students. We have a total of 151 students enrolled in this programme, for the year 2014-15. The first batch of our Gurukul students appearing for SSC in 2009-10 has secured 100% results. The results for the subsequent years are also 100%..

2. Dr.Shraddhanand Thakur Computer Learning Classes

Computer literacy and proficiency are essential needs of the new information/web based technology in day-to-day life. Mandal was keen to provide a platform to its students to enable and enthuse them for computer learning. While the new school building was constructed, a generous donation of Rs-10 Lacs was received from Dr Shradhanand Thakur, specifically to create facilities for computer learning. This donation is in addition other generous donations received from Thakur/Deshpande families. An exclusive computer learning facility is now provided both in the Primary and the Secondary schools with adequate PCs and trained staff, and is operational since 2003-04. A total of 1248 students from the primary and the secondary schools had enrolled themselves for this facility in the year 2014-15.

3. Play School

The changing life-style, smaller families, with both working parents, we realized the need for a properly organized and professionally managed Play School. We started the Play school in year 2007. Although quite new, we have 21 kids in this play school for 2014-15.

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