Members registered in various categories forms the General Body, to manage the affairs of the schools. They select, among themselves, members to the Managing Committee and the Office Bearers. The General body meets once every year to review the working of the Mandal and its Educational Institutions, considers ,deliberates and takes decisions on various policy matters, approves audited Accounts and make valuable suggestions. The Managing Committee meets normally every two months or six times in a year. The managing Committee and the Office Bearers are responsible to act on the resolutions passed in the General Body meetings and take day-to-day management and operations of the Mandal.  The tenure of the Managing Committee and Office Bearers is three years. The composition of the team of Office Bearers is:

Working President (karyadhakshya)-one

Working Vice Presidents (upkaryadhakshya)-two

Secretary (Karyawaha)-one

Joint Secretaries (upkaryawaha)-two



The names of the Office Bearers and Managing Committee members for the current tenure of three years, from 1/04/2010 to 3104/2012 are:

We are glad to say that the members of the Mandal attend the AGMs in large numbers and take keen interest in the affairs of the Mandal and its Institutions and actively participate in the deliberations.

All Office Bearers and Managing Committee members devote their time, energy, knowledge and experience in running of the Mandal.
The following distinguished persons are the President/ Vice-Presidents of the Mandal:

Shri. Nandkumar  Shankar  Salvi PRESIDENT
Shri. Mukund  Narhat  Panvalkar   VICE PRECIDENT
Shri. Alimiya  Dawood  Parkar VICE PRECIDENT

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