Futre Plans & Projects:-

   In view of the expected growth, to provide education in various new subjects, start new courses, which will respond to the expectations of the parents and at the same time, impart education oriented to prepare students for employment/self-employment and also to enhance all-round quality of education, we have various plans and projects for the future. For this, a Master Plan for ensuing ten years is already finalized.

   We now present to you an outline of our future plans and projects.

   While conceptualizing these, we have the following in mind-

  • The low financial capabilities of the students/parents in the Kokan region
  • Need to create employment/self –employment oriented capabilities
  • Lack of proficiency in English language
  • Anticipated meager employment/self-employment opportunities for students in Kokan region.

   We have an incomplete structure, left incomplete due to paucity of funds. We propose to remodel and complete the construction. It is proposed to accommodate the Gurukul on the ground floor of this building. At present these are accommodated in the classrooms of the Heritage Building. Also, we have no space available for gymnastic activities and indoor games.  Part of this floor is planned to house gymnastic activities and indoor games. With donations received, we have been able to complete this part of the building at a cost of Rs 24 Lac.

   We propose to construct a large hall of approx. 6000 sq ft area on the first floor of this structure to serve as a meeting place for various extra-curricular activities and to be rented out during holidays, to create a source of income for the schools. Estimated cost for this construction is Rs 130 Lac.

   Our architect has prepared the plans and cost estimates for this project.

   For ever increasing student strength and provide classrooms for new activities we urgently need additional class rooms and related infrastructure. We propose to undertake construction of the B wing of the School Building Master Plan to add 6/8 more class rooms and infrastructural facilities. The architectural plans are already prepared and the cost is estimated at Rs 150 Lac.

   Many of our students are unable to continue further education beyond SSC or HSC. Also, there are drop-outs. With no employment oriented skills, these students find it extremely difficult to find a job and mostly end-up doing casual/sundry jobs. If they can acquire some skills, they can have a much better opportunity for employment/self-employment. We this in view we propose to start skill oriented short term courses (4 to 6 months duration), covering theory and emphasis on practical training, to prepare students for trades of carpentry,  masonry, welding, electricians, plumbing, etc. One time investment in creating infrastructure and acquiring required tools and tackle, work-stations, demonstration materials, etc is estimated at Rs 12 Lac and recurring expenses on remuneration for teaching staff, consumable materials is estimated at Rs 8 Lac, per annum.

   There is a growing demand for English medium schools. We have a proposal to start a full-fledged independent English medium school. We propose to construct the C wing of the School Building Master Plan to house this school. Architectural drawings are already available. The cost estimate for classrooms and other infrastructural facilities is estimated at Rs 200L.

   We have a hall named Bhagoji Keer Hall for various student meetings and extra-curricular activities. This hall, constructed in 1960, is now in dilapidated and unsafe condition and requires major repair work. While doing this, we propose to extend the hall by about 10-12metres and provide a balcony in the end portion of about 20metres. The estimated cost for this work is approx. Rs 100 Lac.

   We are aware of the need to provide more books/periodicals/newspapers to our libraries, which we have not been able to do to our satisfaction for want of funds.  We need to invest Rs 10 Lac, on one time basis, for purchasing new books. For subscriptions to magazines, periodicals and newspapers and regular replacement/addition to books, we need to generate Rs 2 Lac, every year, by way of interest on long-term deposits.

   Liking and aptitude for gymnastics/sports and exercise are long-term investments in good health habits. We have, however, limited sports/gymnastics, in-door/out-door games facilities. We are aware that we need to strengthen these facilities.  The estimated one-time cost of providing/strengthening these facilities is approx. Rs 10 Lac.

   This will go a long way in building good-health habits in our students.

   To supplement the class room teaching, we propose to introduce e-learning from 1st std to 12th (Jr College). The software and hardware cost for this project is expected to be Approx. Rs 25 Lac.

These, in brief, are our plans for future.......

All these plans will need infusion of massive investments. This is a challenge
 for educational institutions, particularly in the poor region like Kokan.
 We feel confident that benevolent donor and Corporates with strong
social commitment and well wishers will see the earnestness of
our honest desire to provide forward looking educational
 facilities and environment and also to provide students
with capabilities for employment/self-employment
and make their contribution, in the
cause of education.

With kind regard

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