We are glad and happy to connect with you through this website.

This will open a new and efficient net based communication link between Bharat Shikshan Mandal and various educational institutes run by the Mandal.

1. To start with, we would seek your co-operation in up-dating the bio-data of the past students. We request you to fill-up the form below:

Full Name:*
Maiden Name(if any):
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Address (Current):*
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2. We have not been able to contact many past students either because their data is not available with us, or their locations/addresses have changed. If you contact details of any of your batch mates or of any other past students, will you please inform us whatever contact details you have so us to establish contacts with them?

3. Some of our past students have distinguished themselves in a variety of fields, of which your school should be proud of. We would like to invite such past students to share their achievements/distinction with us, which could be inspirational to our present students. This could in academics (highly qualified, qualified in a peculiar/uncommon discipline, teaching, etc), or those who have risen to very senior positions in their work places, those who are recognized and respected as highly successful professionals in their own chosen fields, those who are recognized and respected as highly successful personalities in fine arts, social services or any other filed.

4. Your education, experience and holding senior positions is a valuable asset for us. You would be in a position to make contribution in our efforts to enhance quality of education, overall development of our students and put them on the path to become good citizens. We invite you share your thought on these vital issues.

5. If you are not staying in Ratnagiri, we extend our standing invitation to you to visit your school, whenever you are in Ratnagiri.


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