Senior College of Arts Science & Commerce (Degree College)

Bharat Shikshan Mandal(BSM) is one of the reputed and well know registered trust engaged in providing educational facility from KG to senior college. For the academic year 2016-17 the total number of students on our rolls is 58.

We are glad to announce that the Bombay University (Mumbai University) has granted permission to Bharat Shishkan Mandal, Ratnagiri to start a Senior College (Degree College) from the academic year 2016-17 for Arts, Science & Commerce.

Based on their assessment of needs for colleges in various regions of Maharastra, the University has planned giving permission to start one senior college in the Kokan region. Among several aspirant the University decided to allot the permission to start a degree college to Bharat Shikshan Mandal, Ratnagiri. The selection process and paper work was completed early August, 2016 and after completing other technical formalities, we were ready to start the college on August 14, 2016. Being aware that we were deprived of about seven weeks of the academic year 2016-17 and since all teaching staff for arts and commerce streams was selected and ready to join, we could start the classes immediately from August 17, 2016 .We were aware that the number of students seeking admission in our college would be meager, since our college is starting late by about seven weeks and by which time most of the students seeking college admission would have secured admission in some college. Knowing that setting up laboratories for Science stream would take some more time, we decided to defer starting Science stream to academic year, 2017-18.

 To ensure that our students do not loose on portion of the syllabus which would have been covered during the lost time, we instructed the teaching staff to arrange extra lectures, even on holiday and by curtailing mid-term vacation. We are glad that the entire first semester portion has been fully and well covered before the first semester examination for academic year, 2016-17.

This will probably the first educational institute in Kokan region, which will provide educational facility from the KG to degree college.

Our Junior colleges for Arts is operational since 1983, junior college for commerce from 2007 and for science from 2008. Students passing HSc examination from our junior colleges would find it easy to seek admission to our Senior College, in the same premises and would be a major contributor to our student intake from year 2017-18.

We have recently constructed a new building of ground+ 2 architecture, which will make available seven class rooms of size, adequate to accommodate about 75 students each. The ground floor is intended to be used for library, principal’s room, teacher’s room and some other infrastructural needs, as per the University requirements.

We have one division each for arts and science and two divisions for commerce stream in our Junior college, which will require eight class rooms, adequate to accommodate 75+ students for the 11th and 12th standards. We have only 4 classrooms of required capacity available now and make temporary and ad-hoc arrangements to accommodate other classes. For the Senior College our need would be nine classrooms, space for laboratories and other infrastructural needs, as per university requirements. The presently available classrooms are inadequate to meet the demand of classrooms by the time we would start the TY BA/BSc/Commerce classes.

Thus we would require additional 7 classrooms and for other infrastructural facilities covering approx 20000-22000 sqft carpet area(approx 28000 to 30000 sqft builtup area) for senior college. Thus a total of approximately 10000 sft of carpet area will be required to be created in next two years. We propose to do this by constructing a new building of ground+ 2 architecture. The construction cost of such a building is expected to be Rs.5 to 5.5 crore, at present costs, plus an escalation of 10%.

Viju Natekar Junior College of Arts
Patwardhan Highschool Viju Natekar

In the year 1974-75 new patter of 10+2 education was introduced. With increased demand for the +2 classes and for the convenience primarily of our own students passing 10th, Mandal decided to start junior college for the Arts stream in the year1983-84. A generous donation from shri-Dattaram Shankar Natekar, in the memory of his son, Shri Nandu Natekar, helped start the Junior College for Arts. For academic year 2018-19, we have 170 students in our Arts Jr College.

We were unable to star the Commerce and Science streams simultaneously, due to paucity of funds. However, although late, we started the Commerce stream in 2007 and the Science stream in 2008, with well-equipped laboratories.

Shriman Ramesh Keer Junior college of Science

We were unable to start commerce and science streams simultaneously, due to paucity of funds. A generous donation of Rs seven Lac from Shri Rameshji Keer helped start the science stream. The science stream was started in 2008, with well equipped laboratories. For academic year 2018-19, we have 127 students in our Science Junior College.

Late Smt. Vijayalaxmi And Shri. Shrikrishna Gandhi Junior College of Commerce

The Commerce stream was stared in year 2007. We received a commitment for a generous donation of Rs eight Lac from Shri Shashank Gandhi, son of late Vijayalaxmi and Shrikrishan Gandhi, for naming the Commerce Junior College in the memory of his mother and father. For academic year 20118-19, we have 319 students in our Commerce Junior College.

We have a total of 616 students in our Junior Colleges for the academic year 2018-19, in spite of the fact that the Science and Commerce streams have been started only a few years back.


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